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    Publish Online documents not working properly in Chrome and Firefox

    Movieshopper Level 1

      I just started publishing InDesign CC documents online. The main reason is to embed them on my website to have a nice way to show and have visitors to be able to download them as PDF. Everything works quite smoothly. However, when I visit the published document with Chrome (Version 48) or Firefox (44.0.2) on Windows 10, the status bar with the links does not show all elements as with IE or Edge. Further, if you read the document and don't use the mouse for a couple of seconds the bar vanishes and usually (IE and Edge) comes back if the mouse is moved. Not in Chrome and Firefox, the bar disappears after a couple of seconds and then never comes back. See screenshots for details:

      This is how it looks like in Chrome and FF (and vanishes forever if you do not keep moving the mouse):


      This is how it looks in Internet Explorer:


      It doesn't matter whether I look at my own documents or the documents of others. The effect is exactly the same, so I guess it is not about my InDesign settings.


      Any ideas? Does anyone else have this issue or even a solution?