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    Does anyone have an example of using onvalidate with an editable ( applet) CFGRID.

    dafyddW Level 1

      How do you access the form values in javascript using the variables that are passed to the onvalidate function? I cannot find an example anywhere.



      <cfgrid name = "FirstGrid" width = "500" height="500"  bgcolor="##FFF8DC"


         query = "GetCourses" insert = "Yes" delete = "Yes"

         font = "Tahoma"

        rowHeaders = "No"

         colHeaderBold = "Yes"

         selectMode = "EDIT"

         insertButton = "Insert a Row" deleteButton = "Delete selected row" >


      <cfinput type="submit" name="gridEntered">




      function validateMyFields(form, field, value) {

              // What do you do to acces the value of the fields in the cfgrid here???