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    PE 13 - problems with "missing files"




      I've found some older threads that dealt with this issue, and they helped a bit, but not completely.


      I have some projects that I edited last year in PE 13, using Mac OS 10.8.5. I saved these using project archiver. It seemed to put the files used in my cut, along with a PE file with the extension .prel in a folder which I named "trimmed_name_of_my_project_archive_cut". I opened the .prel file and PE couldn't find many of the files I used in the cut. When prompted with "Where is...", I navigated to this same folder and it seemed to find some of the files there, but not all. Very frustrating.


      I'm not sure why this is - it's possible that I did move the folder that houses all of this from my computer to an external hard drive, but even if I did, shouldn't navigating to the spot where PE archived all the relevant footage fix this? I am positive that nothing was deleted from the archive folder.


      The only thing I can think of is that many of clips are things I shot myself and transferred from a SD card into my computer for use in the edit. When I transfer from SD card, these either show up as one file in my computer (all that day's clips are in this one file) which is labeled AVCHD (which sucks because I've shot on different days and other SD card transfers are also labeled as AVCHD) - or else they are placed in a folder called BDMV, within which is a folder called STREAM, in which the clips are separated (they are assigned a number with extension .MTS). I have no idea why these two things happen (AVCHD vs. STREAM) in some cases and not in others.  Any ideas why this might be?


      When I add an AVCHD file as media in PE, PE does see it as separate clips, which I can access (each clip is logically seen by PE as being between when I started recording and when I hit stop).

      Perhaps my problem is that there are different files on my computer named AVCHD, each of which contains many clips when read by PE, which I added as media in PE when editing my project, and when archiving, PE is not distinguishing between the different files with same names? This would mean that PE is only saving one of the AVCHD files in my "trimmed" archive folder, because the fact that there are two of these AVCHD files is confusing it. Could this be?  If this is the case, I could try renaming the AVCHD files that have the same names and re-archiving (obviously I'll have to find and load everything first).

      PE will not let me assign the AVCHD clip in the archive folder as a place to look for missing files - I assume because it is a clip and not a folder. So now I have to try and find the original version of the missing clips outside my archive folder, which seems to me to defeat the purpose of having an archive folder at all.


      I'm sorry that this so so confusing and would really appreciate any advice. ATR has given me great advice in the past - you still out there? (fingers crossed)





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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          ATR no longer frequents this forum. However, you may be able to contact her through her blog, which she linked to a number of her responses on this forum.


          That said, it sounds like you used the Project Archiver to move your project and its media to a new drive, and now you are trying to launch this project from that drive. Is that right?


          If so:

          1) Note that there are two settings for the Project Archiver. One archives all of the media you've added to your project, including video and audio that is in your Project Assets but not added to your timeline. The other setting only archives media that is on your timeline, trimming longer clips so that only the media actually used on your timeline. Which setting did you select?

          2) If all of the media in your project was on your hard drive, the Project Archiver should move all of the files to the new location, in an archive folder. However, it is possible that, if a number of your media clips have the same name, the program may overwrite some with the other or otherwise confuse them. Is that what you're saying it happening?

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            Ann Bens Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Archiving is a grand feature but..........

            as soon you move or use files that have the same name it is going to be a mess.

            You have to be very particular is how you store all your footage on your machine.

            Giving unique names helps.

            You will have to link the missing files manually.

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              rhythmo Level 1

              Thanks Steve. I didn't use the project archiver to move the files, what I was trying to do was save a copy with all the relevant files in one place so that A) it would work properly next time I opened it (which it didn't) and B) to try and save space. What I mean by this is, as I said, the files show up as one big AVCHD file on my computer and when I add media, I am adding that whole big file. This means that invariably, there is a lot of media in my project that I am not using. Additionally, I have created several versions of this project in different languages, which is another reason I was trying to save space, because if each has a lot of media in it that is not being used, this equals a lot of wasted space.


              With that in mind, I only saved media that is in my timeline. You think this is a mistake? I could also try renaming those AVCHD files, which will be a hassle the first time I try to use them but might simplify things moving forward. What do you think?


              Thanks Ann - I was able to link them manually. I am hoping to avoid this problem moving forward. 

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                rhythmo Level 1

                I may have just found something that may be useful: When trying to rename those AVCHD files, something weird happens. It won't let me rename them straight out. If I give it a new name, it creates a folder with the name I'm trying to use. In that folder is one big BDMV file. When I try to rename that, it creates another folder with that name and in this folder are a few folders, one of which is named Stream, which has all the files (clips I shot) as individual pieces. This should allow me to only add the ones I need as media in PE and in turn saving everything in project assets shouldn't be as big a deal. You think this might help as well (saving all in project assets as opposed to only saving what's on the timeline)?