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    Chapternumber in Numbering Options


      Hi there,


      Writting up a technical documentation. So far every chapter is one document and all dcouments later on assembled as a book.


      For my headings I created two styles "header 1" and "header 2" including the numbering:


      header 1: ^H.^1


      header 2: ^H.^1.^2


      It works fine for chapter one, but in chapter two the first numbering layer is not reseted, so Chapter one ending with "1.4.5" and chapter 2 starting with "2.5" instead of "2.1". My Problem is, that there is no chapter header like "2 Blablabla" which I could use as a top numbering layer. This chapter header is not part of the text but part of the heading line repeated on every page like this:

      So obviously InDesign is not counting the chapter numbering as a top layer. Anyone an idea how to solve this little problem?