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    I see the off line download page will be closing in march 2016...


      How will schools and other large networks get access to .MSI to do GP based install of flash player over their network? I can not go around and hand crank adobe update installs that’s 100's of computers; only ICT Tech's have the network rights to install or run updates.

      This because normal users can not be trusted to do this correctly, without installing other software etc. - like removing the tick from MacAfee antivirus; which my school does NOT need.

      As far as I can tell I would need to signup as a disrupter?

      However it seem no one considered that I might only want to distribute flash player within the school only, i.e. questions like 'how many install I'll be doing in 12 months'  I have no idea, how do I know how many flash player update adobe has planned over the next 12 months!?

      Am I missing something obvious or has adobe yet again just totally not considered how people might want to use/distribute there software?

      AND why the hell can I not cut and paste from word into this! I'm bloody dyslexic and need to spell check my post before I send so i don't look like a complete illiterate bumpkin. What the hell is going on in adobe have you lost all sense!? (had to cut and paste in html editor)