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    AE Dynamic Link to Premiere Problem: AE file+former saves corrupted




      created a dynamic link for my AE compositions to Premiere Pro. Worked out fine. Created another dynamic link with another AE project and its composition. Worked out fine. Then I wanted to edit them in Premiere with a simple effect resulting all of a sudden in a "media pending" - so I tried to render = second AE composition (just animated Logo) works fine but when the video footage from the first AE project starts the Premiere render freezes. So I tried to render in AE (2nd AE project was open) and opened project 1 ... loading infinitely and stuck at 1 percent - have to use the task manager to stop the process. This happens whenever I open the project and all the autosaves (which are from 5 days ago ...). Tried clearing the cache, but no difference at all. Also deleting the dynamic link in Premiere did not help. If I try to import the AE project into Premiere from scratch it opens the "After Effects composition import" screen where it says "Connecting to Dynamic Link-Server..." with a loading animation but this runs for over an hour now with no change at all.


      I think the problem is the dynamic link here.