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    Using Dynamic Link between multiple computers with files saved on a server




      We have three edit suites, all with the latest versions of Adobe CC 2015.


      All three edit suites work off a central server.


      Is it possible to do the following workflow:


      1. Open a Premiere project (direct from the server) in edit suite 1 and import an After Effects composition (also on the server) into the sequence using Dynamic Link. (please note the After Effects project is not open in edit suite 1)
      2. Open the same After Effects project in edit suite 2 (direct from the server) and make changes to the composition. (please note the Premiere project is not open in edit suite 2)
      3. Have the changes reflect in Premiere in edit suite 1.


      It's not working at the moment, I assume this is possible as the files are stored and being accessed on a central server.