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    SWFLoader and caching

      Hi All
      I thought that the SWFLoader caches all files it has loaded (in some kind of static cache across all instances of SWFLoader), but when I test this in my application it does not seem to be that way:

      1) My app loads a.swf in the beginning
      2) I change the contents of a.swf
      3) I trigger a new load in my application, and now the new content is loaded instead of the original content of a.swf.

      In other words it does not look as if the SWFLoader caches the files it has loaded. Or could it be the case that the cahing can see that the modification date or file size has changed in the above test, so that the cache is invalidated...

      Anyway, what I want to know is whether the SWFLoader is caching the files it has loaded or not ?

      Best regards Stig