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    How do I create a coloured box behind text that automatically changes its size based on how long the text is?

    ostettd Level 1

      Let me go into a bit more detail. First off, i'm in CS6.


      Ok. So I have a huge Question/Answer document with a bunch of pages. Basically, one big text box on every pages that all thread together. Every "question" has it's own subhead style, and every "answer" has its own subhead style.


      Basically what I would like to do is this. I want every "question" BODY COPY to have its text content highlighted (so possibly a yellow box at 30% opacity behind the text). The problem is, the amount of text is dependent on the questions that are asked.. Some questions are one liners, and some extend several paragraphs. I want to apply something to the body copy of those questions so that this yellow box will extend say, 0.25 inch past the end of the text, and 0.25 before the start of the text.


      I'm not the best with indesign lingo, so I hope this is easy to understand. What I want to do seems very simple, I just can't wrap my head around how to do it.