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    Cf 9.0.2 multi server config, IIS site is using wrong connector, how to change the connector to point to its own CF instance



      Yesterday I found that an IIS website that is supposed to be connected to its own CF instance is actually connected to another CF instance. Our configuration is this

      Windows Server 2008 R2, Coldfusion 9.0.2 Multi server Enterprise edition, IIS 7

      Coldfusion instances: P1, P2,  V1

      Clusters: Primary1: contains P1 & P2

      IIS website site1 is connected to Cluster Primary1

      IIS website site2 is  connected CF instance V1


      I stopped CF instance V1 but the IIS website V1 was still up and running. After much digging I found that website V1 is actually connected to CF instance P1, not CF instance V1. I used the web config tool to connect site1 to CF instance V1. In IIS the JWildCardHandler for site1 points to \JRun4\lib\wsconfig\3\jrun_iis6_wildcard.dll. JWildCardHandler for site2 points to the same directory \JRun4\lib\wsconfig\3\jrun_iis6_wildcard.dll. Here in lies my dilemma. How do I get site2 JWildCardHandler to point to its own folder under \JRun4\lib\wsconfig, say 14 instead of 3. I do not want to use the web config tool becauseI do not know if it will remove the folder ...\webconfig\3 if another site is still using it. I have seen the web config tool remove the folder when you remove that connector in the tool.


      So I thought I would try to configure the connectors manually. This is what I did

      copy folder wsconfig\3 to wsconfig\14

      in ...\wsconfig\wsconfig.properties - made sure site2 existed and referenced CF instance V1



                 bootstrap= - 51007 is the proxy port that JRun Management Console says is for CF instance V1


                 proxyservers=    (this variable in folder #3 is set to the proxy ports for P1 & P2)

      I then went into IIS and changed site2's JWildCardHandler to \JRun4\lib\wsconfig\14\jrun_iis6_wildcard.dll instead of \JRun4\lib\wsconfig\3\jrun_iis6_wildcard.dll. After restarting IIS neither of the sites site1 nor site2 came up. I went back in and reverted site2's JWildCardHandler back to \JRun4\lib\wsconfig\3\jrun_iis6_wildcard.dll and they both came up. I think I restarted CF both times but really forget as I was in a bit of panic mode.

      Does this sound like it should work? Does anyone know of any files that I missed when trying to configure site2 to point to CF instance V1? Any ideas are appreciated.