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    "License server communication problem: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER"


      hello there. i am a new ebook user and u have just purchased a ebook through ebookmall.com and the format that i downloaded is .acsm. Thus, i followed the instructions provided in the website and downloaded Adobe Digital Editions 4.5 in order to read this ebook. But however, i am facing an error of Error getting license. "License server communication problem: E_LIC_ALREADY_FULFILLED_BY_ANOTHER_USER". I did see some of the resolutions provided in some forums where people raised up this issue with a step by step guideline. But whatever I have followed from uninstalling ADE, reinstalling ADE, deauthorizing Adobe ID and reauthorize it again, the error still prompted out.


      My Adobe ID is totally the same email address with my ebookmall.com account and I do not understand why it keeps saying that my license is being used by some other user in which I have no other devices logged in yet.


      Anyone knows the resolution of this? I have been trying on several ways couple of days already..


      Please help.