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    Will rebuild of android app trigger the 'update app' on play store using phonegap build?


      Im just wondering if the following will work, and allow the app to properly update on peoples' phones:


      1. build a new app on phone gap build and submit to play store
      2. delete the app from phonegap build
      3. a few months later make minor changes to code, create a 'new' app on phonegap build and submit the code
      4. re-submit the app as an update to play store.


      Sorry if I dont know how to explain myself, im just wondering if i do the above process will android/google see it as a NEW app or a proper update to an existing app.  The reason I'm wondering is phonegap build seems to assign an 'App ID' and I'm not sure if this is just a phonegap thing or somehow gets passed on to google/android.