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    bug? 60p RAM preview playback (pc)


      So I'm doing a comp that is 60fps and 1080p. It's really simple.

      I'm trying to RAM preview at (half) size.

      It seems totally unable to play back the RAM preview in real time, juddering between 19-55 fps instead.

      HOWEVER- if I click any menu, such as File / Edit, then the preview immediately snaps to 60fps playback and stays there until I let go of the menu.

      This also happens when I try to preview at full size...


      to be clear-

      - the whole 7 second timeline is cached green

      - ae version 2015.2

      - windows 10 64 bit

      - 32 gb RAM

      - 980ti GPU with 6gb RAM

      - disk cache is an SSD

      - happens with color correction off or on in project settings

      - no secondary preview monitor is in play

      - 29.97 ram preview works as intended on this same machine.