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    Adobe Draw for use in a classroom


      Is there a way to bypass creation of an Adobe account for use with students on mobile devices such as classroom iPads ?

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          KoMaruyama Adobe Community Professional

          You don't need a CreativeCloud subscription to make an Adobe ID (They're Free)


          Alternatively, as the instructor, you can log in to each of the classroom iPads with your own ID.

          As these are the school's iPads, you might create a free account for yourself as an instructor.


          Classroom iPads!? Sounds terrific.  How many students do you have?

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            Sue Garibaldi Adobe Employee (Admin)



            I was thinking you could just use one Adobe ID as well, and just have your students title their art with their names, but it would be problematic if everyone were using their iPads at the same time. Really the best way to do this is to just have your students each set up an individual Adobe ID (as Ko mentioned, it's a free account). That way the work would get saved/synced to their own accounts.