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    changing the file-name of a web based PDF using exportAs FDF function to local machine.


      Using the exportAsXFDF method I'm saving data from a web based PDF to my local desktop. Once there I would like to open it using a local PDF file, but the XFDF redirect me to the path it was saved from. Is it possible to save the file with a different href so it will load to a local PDF once I try to open it?


      This is the location the XFDF is trying to open the PDF file from.




      Can it be changed to:  /c/Users/jjansen/Desktop/"genericName.pdf" at the time it is exported?



      //folder level script

      var saveFileBenny = app.trustedFunction( function(saveToName)



        this.exportAsXFDF( "/c/Users/jjansen/Desktop/" + saveToName + ".XFDF");