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    InD>PDF = Font corruption

    peterpica Level 1

      Can there be font corruption when passing InD-created PDFs to a printer via drop-box?


      I've never seen this before... Did an ad book with some tables in it. Everything was fine. Saved to print-ready PDFs & posted on drop-box for printer to download and print. Customer waived proof on the job after approving the print-ready PDF. It was after his approval that I put up on drop-box with a link for printer.


      Printed book has 4 proper names in a list (out of a several hundred) that have strange accented characters showing up. Red face over here... never seen it before. Some kind of font corruption obviously but what, who, where, when? 20-20 vision now tells me I should've outlined the fonts beforehand, but the milk's on the floor.


      Using InD CS6 on Mac w/Acro Pro XI.



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          BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

          Ask the printer exactly what they did, especially if this is not a printer you’ve used before.

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            peterpica Level 1

            Have used this printer several times before. Get kinda iffy... I do work for a printer who subs the work to another printer. The 'intermediate' printer's file is also corrupted as I would expect because they downloaded the same file from my dropbox account.

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              Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

              We've never heard of any corruption via Dropbox. Normal file operations involving Dropbox are binary and don't muck with the file's internal contents.


              I assume you tried printing the original PDF file (prior to sending it to Dropbox) and that it printed without any of the issues you noted? If so, this, why don't you download the file you sent via Drop Box and try printing that round-tripped file from Acrobat to a local printer? If the problem does not occur, the problem has nothing to do with Dropbox.


                          - Dov

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                BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                I concur with Dov. I use Dropbox every single day to collaborate on countless jobs.




                This reeks of a PDF file opened in Illustrator.

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                  Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                  A few other thoughts having re-read your posting.


                  (1)   I agree with Bob that you should investigate the printer's workflow. We've seen all sorts of crap occurring when either opening (and then saving) PDF files using Illustrator. Adobe Illustrator is not, repeat not, repeat yet again not a PDF file editor. The only PDF files that can safely be edited in Illustrator are PDF files saved from Illustrator using the editability option (and that have not been subsequently modified in Acrobat or anything else)!


                  (2)   Outlining text is a terrible idea that (a) can dramatically decrease both screen and print quality, (b) yields bloated PDF files (in terms of size), (c) yields PDF files that cannot be searched or touched-up, and (d) yields PDF that can take significantly longer to RIP. If you really need to outline text to get reliable output from a printer, you need a new printer! Either the printer is doing Illustrator hacks per (1) above or otherwise has dodgy PDF workflow software, techniques, and/or RIPs.


                             - Dov


                  PS:  I have used Dropbox for transfer of any number of PDF files for multiple purposes without any issues of file corruption in any way whatsoever.

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                    peterpica Level 1

                    Thanks Bob & Dov.


                    I’ve a sinking feeling that there may be font corruption or something on my system because, lo and behold, I just had a similar issue with a different font on my computer… The one that went south in the printed piece was Helvetica; the one that I just had an issue with is TR bold. I rebooted my machine and the issue disappeared.


                    Funny thing though but the print PDF file that I had in my dropbox folder displays fine.


                    Good grief?

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                      Dov Isaacs Adobe Employee

                      Ah yes, the old “font cache register” — kaching, kaching!

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                        peterpica Level 1

                        You trying to tell me something Dov? I clean the caches at least once a week with Smasher.

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                          peterpica Level 1

                          Will folo up 2-moro... Printer who sub'd the job to another printer is meeting w/customer/consumer 2-moro... I'm disappearing for the weekend, starting tomorrow morning! ;-)

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                            peterpica Level 1

                            The truth hurts... mea culpa... twas a bad file that I'd put up on dropbox...got a note from client tonight inquiring about the mishap(s); wasn't miffed at all, very complimentary in fact. (WHEW!) He's even paid the bill!


                            Would still like to know WTF's going on with my system & how to prevent further occurences. 1st time it's resulted in printing issues (that I know of)...


                            Thanks for observations & insights Bob & Dove.

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                              BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                              I think we can probably file under "stuff" happens because without fully examining every step of this project it would be impossible to figure out.

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                                peterpica Level 1

                                STUFF? You're being very politically correct this morning Bob!




                                There was a ton of 'stuff' flying around my office yesterday too.


                                Have a great one!

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                                  BobLevine MVP & Adobe Community Professional

                                  Hence the quotes. Besides, if I typed what I really wanted to you’d get nothing but asterisks.

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                                    Eugene Tyson Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                    Just to weigh in - I don't usually investigate why something went arseways, I usually find the fault, fix it and get on with life.


                                    Usually the best thing to do is explain to the customer that the file was corrupt, which is the case, and it wasn't spotted until printed, as it appears fine on screen.


                                    The golden rule though - even it looks great on screen, it's no comparison to how it prints.


                                    Always do printed proofs, always check thoroughly, and if necessary get a RIPped proof from your printers to check everything is ok, and yes print and compare to what you have.


                                    A lot of people complain that they wouldn't have the time to go through a proofing process.


                                    If you cannot find time to do it right, how will you find time to do it twice?

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                                      Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                                      The other rule is: The closer to the end of the production, the more expensive it is to find mistakes.


                                      Doing preflight while laying out is cheap. Fixing errors from a printed proof is cheap. Re-running a print job because the mistake wasn't caught earlier is very expensive.

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                                        peterpica Level 1

                                        Do not disagree... but the font corruption gremlins can creep in at any stage of QC. Initial proofs were OK (check the PDFs of sam)... gremlins crept in when file was exported to print PDF. I've never seen this before in using InD since its introduction, back in the mid-90's?



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                                          peterpica Level 1

                                          Do not disagree. Customer was advised to get a hard copy proof but didn’t want to fork over the $25 additional it would’ve cost him.


                                          He was advised, but…you know the rest of the story. I’ve been hearing it repeated for the last 60 or so years.

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                                            peterpica Level 1

                                            I'm going to hire the ex-president of Mexico to handle all of my public relations stuff from now on! '-)