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    Help downsizing a file.


      I have a file that is 16.3mb.  The photo service I want to use has a file size limit of 15mb.  When I export the image and downsize it, the resulting image is 10.6mb.  Anyway I can get it to be right at 15mb.  I am printing a photo out in a large format 20"x30".  I want to lose as little resolution as possible.

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          Chetna Srivastava Adobe Employee

          Hi timothyl,


          It depends on the type and amount of editing that you do in Lightroom.

          And your export settings: you can keep the quality to be high.


          Though I believe file size 10.6mb would be accepted as your photo service has a size limit of 15mb which means any file size below 15mb should be accepted but not above that.

          If this is the case, then  you should not be worried about export size.




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            trshaner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

            Here's a procedure for preparing files that will be sent to a printing service:


            1) Most print services want sRGB color profile JPEG files. In the LR Export module under 'File Settings' enter those values and 'Quality' 85. There is no benefit using a higher quality setting, which will merely inflate the file size.


            2) Determine the required Resolution (DPI) by asking the printing service and enter that number into the LR Export module Image Sizing> 'Resolution' box. 300 DPI is very typical.


            3) Check 'Resize to Fit' and enter the print size dimensions using the 'Width & Height' setting and in or cm. If you are outputting both landscape and portrait images simply enter the larger dimension into both W and H boxes (or use the Long Edge setting). Make sure the images have been cropped to the same Aspect Ratio as the print paper size (8x12, 11x14, 16x20, etc.)


            4) Under 'Output Sharpening' choose 'Glossy Paper' or 'Matte Paper' depending on the target paper type. Set 'Amount' to 'Standard.' There is very little difference between the three settings (Low, Standard, High).


            If the Export file is greater than the 15 MB file size limit try a Quality setting of 80, which will also produce very good quality:

            Jeffrey Friedl's Blog » An Analysis of Lightroom JPEG Export Quality Settings

            Let the print service know that you do NOT want "automatic corrections" applied. Most print services will apply automatic color, contrast and sharpening corrections. You don't want this if you're adjusting your images in the LR Develop module.

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