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    AE determining crash cause point


      I'm putting together a short commercial for a not-for-profit organization using an AE template and am experiencing crashes on 0-button RAM renders every time. (I'm a noob, so please forgive my lack of perfect terminology).


      The machine is good: 32GB RAM, quad-core i7, SSD, 7200rpm data drive, video card, so should be able to handle a ton of stuff. The RAM cache is set to 80GB and to clear it will only eliminate 6 GB, so I don't think that's the problem.


      When it crashes, it shuts down completely without warning, or freezes on a frame while the music continues. Hit the space bar, and it completely crashes. No information is given on the error because it completely shuts down.


      My question is: How do I determine where the error is occurring? Is it occurring on the footage in which the frame freezes? Or should I follow the green line to determine that it is in fact occurring on a piece of footage much farther along in the timeline?


      The template does have a number of empty slots, but these didn't cause crashes originally.