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    Recovering Photos???


      I originally had Lightroom installed on a PC and the computer crashed and it will not allow me to start the computer.  I did backups in the past and I have ALOT of photos on there.  I recently bought a MAC and I was wondering can I still access the backups from Lightroom to recover those photos on this new computer?

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          Mohit Goyal Adobe Employee (Admin)

          Hi bodyimage,


          If you can recover all the images and Lightroom catalog from the backup, then the only thing is require is to re-link the images with Lightroom.

          You can keep all the images and Lightroom Catalog on a external drive or on a new machine on one location just to ignore confusions.


          Refer: How to find missing photos in Photoshop Lightroom


          Let us know if that helps.



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            bodyimage Level 1



            Do you know how to go about recovering them?  The old lightroom was on another computer and now I have it installed on a new Mac. Ive went in lightroom and tried to find catalogues but there. I cant figure out how to find those and recover the photos.


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              dj_paige Level 9

              You need to be able to read the hard disk(s) from your PC somehow.


              The photos are not in Lightroom. They are stored on one of the PC's hard disk(s) somewhere. You have to find them using a file explorer like Windows Explorer. These must be moved to the MAC.


              You have to find the Lightroom catalog file(s) on one of the PC's hard disks(s). Search for it using the built-in search function. It's name ends with .LRCAT. You must move this file(s) to the MAC.


              Then you can follow Mohit's instructions.

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                bodyimage Level 1

                Thank you. I just want to make sure I understand. I cant get the old computer to start at all. It comes on but it makes a loud beeping noise. So these are not saved by Lightroom correct?  Therefore I cant go on the Mac and recover the photos that way?



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                  dj_paige Level 9

                  I don't know. If you can access the hard disk(s) by removing it from the old computer and connecting it to a computer that does work, then you have access to all your photos and the Lightroom catalog. And if you can't, then you won't be able to recover the photos and catalog.


                  In the future, you need to commit to making regular and automated backups of your photos and of your catalog file TO A DIFFERENT PHYSICAL DISK from now on. No excuses.

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                    bodyimage Level 1

                    Perfect. Thank you


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