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    Error 150:30 for Elements 8, nothing is working.


      Hello! I've been using Photoshop Elements 8 for quite a few years now, still have the serial number and everything. When I received my new computer and tried transferring the files over, the program stopped working, something about the application not being found in its entirety. I decided to reinstall completely which seemed to work for that error, until it gave me the "Error 150:30" that I've seen posted quite a few times here.


      I realize that there are many threads like this, but almost all have been answered with that long list of possible solutions that people tell you to run through. I have tried every single solution on that list with no recognizable results, I still get that exact same error message when I launch the application.


      Is there anything I can do? Would Adobe compensate me with a copy of Version 9 or something? It sucks not to have this familiar program I've been using for so long.