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    new build, where are the benchmarks?

    getho Level 2

      My computer died today It was a 1366 with xeon x5650 @ around 4ghz.   I really was hanging out for skylake E, but cant.



      Choice is between skylake 6700k or x99 5820k.  I know all the arguments for the 5820k, but it irks me buying something so old in computer terms  

      Seeing as I'll probably try to sell this system and replace it with skylake E next year, does anyone know where there are real life system benchmarks like harm used to publish.  I've seen the cpu and memory and motherboard ones, but its what happens when they're put together

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          JEShort01 Level 4

          The PPBM benchmark and Harm's latest PC and tips can all be found at www.ppbm7.com.

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            getho Level 2

            Thanks. When I looked earlier I didn't realise they were under them main benchmark menu (so I was thinking the side was out if date).  


            So I've pretty much decided on an Asus x99 pro and 5280k.  If I've got one graphics card only a pcie 2 x8 raid card and I want to run an m. 2 ssd will that Max out my pcie lanes?

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              Bill Gehrke Adobe Community Professional & MVP

              Well that depends on the motherboard because there are PCIe extenders on some boards like the ASUS X99-E WS that have specs like this:


              40-Lane CPU-

              7 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 (single x16 or dual x16/x16 or triple x16/x16/x16 or quad x16/x16/x16/x16 or seven x16/x8/x8/x8/x8/x8/x8)

              28-Lane CPU-

              7 x PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 (single x16 or dual x16/x16 or triple x16/x16/x16 or quad x16/x16/x16/x16 or seven x16/x8/x8/x8/x8/x8/x8)

              With this board and the upcoming Broadwell-E family with up to 10 cores you have a great future upgrade from your current i7-5820 path.


              ProcessorCores/threadsClock frequencyL3-cacheSocket
              Intel Core i7-6950X10/203GHz25MBLGA2011-v3
              Intel Core i7-6900K8/163,3GHz20MBLGA2011-v3
              Intel Core i7-6850K6/123,6GHz15MBLGA2011-v3
              Intel Core i7-6800K6/123,4GHz15MBLGA2011-v3
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                RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                you can look at the motherboard manual, like bill shows for the asus ws, to help figure out what each specific board will do. the asus pro will split the 5820k's 28 lanes to x16/x8/x4. so it will only do three devices, gpu/gpu/m.2 or gpu/raid/m.2, etc... a video card can run x8, so its not limited to the 40 lane cpu for 2 gpu's. it splits the 40 lane similarly to x16/x16/x8, still 3 devices so its not a very flexible board for 40 lane cpu. the asus deluxe will split further to x8/x8/x8/ etc.. good for 28 lane or 40 lane cpu's for more expansion options. then there's the asus WS with a plx chip that bill shows...  some of the msi and gigabyte boards will split like the asus deluxe, but are lower in price, just need to be careful they support x4/ultra m.2 at 32gb/s.

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                  getho Level 2

                  Thanks folks!  If only I could wait for those broadwells!


                  The ws is just shy of $1000 over here.   Yelp.   Bearing in mind I'm never likely to do sli,  do I need to worry? Im more likely to want to add m. 2 drives.   So does the 5820k limit me in that.? (16+8+4+4=32) or do the 2 m. 2 slots on the x99 have to share the 4 lanes.?


                  Edit : it looks like all the boards at around that price have similar pcie set up (what a headache).  Now looking at main sli plus and asrock extreme 4, and they both say pcie 16x8x4 using 28 lane CPU (or is there more to it than that)?


                  Currently liking  ASRock Fatal1ty X99 professional or ASROCK x99 extreme4

                  Both can take xeons and I notice second hand xeons with loadsa cores are coming down in price. The fatal1ty seems to have slightly more flexibility with PCI lanes, but it appears both will take the hardware I currently have.


                  Anyone out there using this board?

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                    ace41studios Level 1

                    I run a 5930k @4.5Ghz with 64 GB ram and dual GTX 980Ti and can play back 6K Red raw real time and only get a few frame drops when the timeline gets effects heavy. Another thing to note Samsung M.2 512Gb SSD is great for render drive and cache drive. The 5820k 5930k and 5960X are amazing for what they cost compared to x99 Xenons.

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                      RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                      you may find some xeons for what seem like a good deal, however the i7's can be overclocked like ace41studios comments and that can make up alot of difference. especially with premiere, as it doesn't multi-thread well with really high core counts. all x99 boards should be able to run xeons, its just a matter of proper bios support from the motherboard mfg.


                      if the motherboard manual only says x16/x8/x4 for the 28 lane cpu, then its not splitting the first x16 to two x8's and will limit expansion. you would have to find a motherboard manual that says x8/x8/x8 for 28 lane cpu. most manual's i've looked at show one of the x16 pcie slots is sharing lanes/resources with the m.2 slot, and say it will disable the pcie slot when the m.2 drive is in use rather than split it to x4/x4. the asus x99 deluxe manual shows a bios setting to split the last x16 size slot with 8 lanes down to 4 lanes and send the other 4 to the m.2 slot. so if that works it would be x8/x8/x8/x8/x4/x4. i believe that feature would only work with the 40 lane cpu, as the 28 lane cpu would only have its last 4 available for that slot. the deluxe board looks great, but its also very closely priced to the even better WS motherboard. asus WS seems to be out of stock at alot of websites, i think they might be releasing an updated version.


                      asrock was born/split from asus, but appears to still have strong ties as their motherboards share alot of similar layouts and features like OC socket. ASRock X99 OC Formula and the ASRock Fatal1ty X99 Professional/3.1 appear to be the cheapest ones that split x8/x8/x8 for the 28 lane cpu. i don't think they are exactly like the asus deluxe, i didn't see the same setting in the manual to split the last 8 to two 4 lane's. they do have two m.2 slots, but only one is ultra/x4 32gb/s, the other is x2 or 10gb/s.


                      msi has several motherboards around $250 that split 28 lanes to x8/x8/x8. ones with "A" in the name, like X99A seem to be updated versions with ultra/x4 m.2 at 32gb/s. gigabyte also has the GA-X99P-SLI model, which claims to have those same features and the thunderbolt 3. the gigabyte mbd is an odd one though, it says using the m.2 will disable the motherboard raid and certain cpu's will limit the m.2 speed, but doesn't clearly say which one (probably the 40 lane cpu). msi and gigabyte don't seem to have the OC socket that asus developed and shared with asrock, which is suppose to be much better for higher and more stable overclocks. they also usually have only four x16 size slots, so with a 40 lane they are often limited at x8/x8/x16/x8 and m.2 limited to pch x2 speeds.


                      if you are planning on adding lots of m.2 drives, you might want to look at this from HP. HP Z Turbo Drive Quad Pro Card - B&H Photo Video

                      it says it will handle and raid four m.2 drives. it appears to come with the last gen samsung drives, the sm951. i think it uses all x16 lanes to get those incredible speeds, so you would have to plan for that if using this drive. this drive could solve the problem of wasting 3 or 4 pcie slots at x8, when the m.2 drives would only be able to use 4 lanes of the 8. i expect to see some pcie x8 dual m.2 adapters similar to this, made by other mfg's, but i haven't seen any yet. i also haven't seen anyone actually use this drive, so i can't say that it works outside of HP workstations, or works with non HP branded m.2 drives.


                      it is getting somewhat close to a bad time for buying a pc. the next 6 months or so should see the broadwell-e cpu's, new gpu's from amd and nvidia, and possibly the 1tb samsung 950 pro ssd.

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                        getho Level 2

                        Yeah I was set to wait for has well e but I can't wait!   Still I have gtx 970, that i will update at the end of the year,   and I'll be able to update to 8 core broadwells if I want (probably won't want to plonk $2000+ AUD on a 10 core processor!)  


                        OK so thanks so much for all the info.  Yes it seems the asrock might be the way to go.  I've had mixed experiences with msi  and gigabyte, and I've got an asrock board - a cheapy- but runs rock solid.


                        The fatality board mentioned is not a cheap board in Australia -  it's about same as Asus x99 pro but I think I'd rather go this route than msi (still I'll go and have a gander now at the specs) 

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                          getho Level 2

                          OK that msi board looks good.  Anyone out their using msi boards?

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                            getho Level 2

                            Anyone care to comment on my parts before l pull the pin ?

                            Intel Core i7-5820K - System Build - PCPartPicker Australia

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                              RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                              i think the msi motherboard is good for expansion at its price, but may not overclock as well as the asus or asrock or expensive x99 boards that are made to better handle overclocking. if you aren't after max overclock, it should still handle some low to medium fine.


                              the noctua D15S is slightly different from the D15, its offset to avoid hitting the video card in the top slot when mounted to exhaust air out of the back of the case. it also only comes with one fan. so if low overclocking it should be fine, but medium to high overclock another fan would help.

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                                getho Level 2

                                Thanks!   Didn't mean that cooler thanks for spotting it I meant the nhd15 (actually isn't the what I picked?)  yeah have seen a few people getting to 4.5 GHz,  but 4.3 will suit me.  


                                Im now thinking of splurging on 4x16gb c14 ram so I can Max out the board later.

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                                  RoninEdits Most Valuable Participant

                                  32gb should be enough for premiere, but if you have other programs like AE that use more, or just want to have multiple programs open that use alot of ram, then 64gb will be better.


                                  you have/had the noctua nh-d15 in your parts list. there is a different and new version with the "S" at the end, nh-d15S. its designed to avoid clearance issues with a card in the first pcie slot, but only has one fan.

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                                    getho Level 2

                                    Ah yes the s is the one.  Thanks!