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    Lightroom CC (6.4) Crashing with ntdll.dll error


      We have been subscribing to Adobe CC since early new year and everything was running smoothly with a new Windows 10 PC (16 GB Ram, i5, Intel HD Grapics 4600) until last week when whilst using the develop module in Lightroom (always happened using local adjustment brush to adjust black point) Lightroom crashed, checking event logs it looks like the ntdll.dll file was the problem, I contacted Adobe support who suggested several things none of which worked. (Renaming Lightroom folder, uncheck use graphics processor, use older catalogue etc)


      I have tried fresh installs of windows (with and without windows updates and same problem) have run a memory test (memtest86 - not a single error reported), checked for updates for the graphics card (which is up to date).


      Have also tried unchecking 'Use Graphics Processor' the same thing happens. Photoshop is unaffected.

      Strange everything ran great for almost two months


      Anybody else experienced similar or any help would be most appreciated.