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      How to add more than a single remote service destination to the remote-config.xml file? When I try to add a new destination tag in the remote-config.xml I get an error when calling the mxml file in the browser. Please help.
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          Peter Farland Level 3
          Have you seen the example remoting-config.xml file in the /resources/config directory that is laid down during an FDS installation?

          destination elements are children of the service element.

          <service ...>
          <destination id="dest1">

          <destination id="dest2">

          Perhaps your SWF didn't get updated with the new configuration file? You need to recompile the SWF in order to get the new configuration information into it... also, you'd need to restart the app server if you change the config file. If you're using Flex Builder to compile an .mxml file then you may need to force a recompile with the Clean... option as it may have not noticed that the services-config.xml include file remoting-config.xml changed?