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    Cropping and hand tool limitations


      So, I haven't been using LR all that long (currently v 5.7), but ever since I first started, I've had some real limitations with the crop and hand tool. Starting with cropping for instance, when I go to crop mode, I can move my mouse over a corner, then make an adjustment from that corner. Usually (but not always) I can't use all four corners to make my adjustment. Sometimes the corner I can't use is directly above or below the one I just used, sometimes it's left if I start with right, etc. There really is no rhyme or reason or pattern to which corners I can or can not move after I move the first corner. Now, this wouldn't be a huge problem if the hand tool showed up dependably whenever I wanted it to. But it doesn't. It shows up only occasionally. Pressing H doesn't make it appear. The fact is that I can't crop all 4 sides (whether in constrained mode to an aspect ratio or in free crop--same limitations), and I can't use the hand tool whenever I want to in order to work around the you-can-move-1-or-2-corners crop limitation. Pulling out some hairs. Can someone help me and show me light? What am I doing wrong?


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          Try clicking the padlock icon to unlock. You can then make an unconstrained crop. The hand tool only shows when you are inside the crop box, not when outside the boundary. You can drag up/down or left/right etc. Hovering over any corner should show the drag symbols. Hovering a little beyond each corner should give you the rotate symbol. Try setting tool overlay to “Always”