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    Loading Text

    otisme Level 1
      I get the error warning message below in from Flexbuilder project .mxml file running in debugger.

      Application runs but text is not loading in the panel inside a canvas that I've setup for it? It must be some data binding problem.

      I thought it might be a security sandbox issue but permissions on the folders have been granted to the
      flash player. Any solution to this binding xml issue appreciated.

      Also I get *** Security Sandbox Violation *** result of 2 image files not loading though they exist in the folder referenced and can be seen loaded in design view.

      here's one error message:

      warning: unable to bind to property 'label' on class 'XML' (class is not an IEventDispatcher)

      here's some of the code:(


      import mx.controls.Image;
      import mx.events.ListEvent;
      import mx.events.ItemClickEvent;

      private var currentNavBar:String;
      private var currentNavButton:String;

      private var textLoader:URLLoader;

      private function init():void
      aboutTextArea.htmlText = "<b>myTst</b><br />meTst";
      textLoader = new URLLoader();
      textLoader.load(new URLRequest("news.html"));
      textLoader.addEventListener(Event.COMPLETE, handleNewsHTML);



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          robbyk87 Level 1
          One reason why my html text wasnt showing up when I retrieved it from mySQL was because of the slashes. But I used php to get my xml so I used the stripslashes php command. I dont know if this applies in your case though.
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            otisme Level 1

            I'd left out the creationComplete="init()" declaration in the Application declaration, see below, a trace statement within the relevant init() function (see original code) showed me it wasn't running, but it took me a good while to figure out why:-( I finally got it:

            <mx:Application xmlns:mx=" http://www.adobe.com/2006/mxml" layout="absolute" creationComplete="init()" borderColor="#0C3F63" >

            I won't forget it again!