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    How do I use copylocale.exe correctly?


      I've been trying to use copylocale with to add another locale (say fr_FR or es_ES). I went to the bin/ directory and gave the command

      copylocale.exe en_US es_ES

      This created the .swc files in the framework/locale/es_ES directory. Also, it created all the properties files in
      the frameworks/projects/framework/bundles/es_ES/src directory.

      My question: I notice that the created properties files have the same content as the ones in framework/bundles/en_US/src directory. I was expecting that copylocale would also change the contents of the properties files to correctly translate, say, the month names for es_ES. As a result, I do not see any change when I use a different locale setting in my application. Do I need to manually do this myself? If so, copylocale.exe doesn't seem to do a whole lot for me.

      Can someone please let me knwo what I'm doing wrong, or what additonal steps I should take?