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    different behaviour between wiggle expression on anchor point in CC 2015 and CC 2014

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      some time ago I made a project for a client (in CC 2014 or CC 2013 maybe) which is an intro where a logo appears on a panel at some point of the animation. The logo is the client of my client, and time to time I have to reexport the animation changing that logo.
      My camera is parented to a null layer with a wiggle expression on the Anchor Point, Position & Orientation.

      I've exported countless videos from that project with no problem. But since I installed CC 2015, now the camera moves very differently, a less subtle move. I've compared the result of old CC 2014 AEP files (opening them in CC 2015) with the render I did at that time, and it's different. Same project, but different results.
      I've just reinstalled CC 2014 to see what would happen, and in CC 2014 everything is like before, like the render.


      So there is a difference with the same file between CC 2014 & 2015.


      I did a screenshot of the "curves" look of the wiggles in both versions, and we can see that the wiggle of the Anchor Point is different.




      If someone knows where the problem lies, it would be perfect!
      My first idea was because of the render engine change, but it affects only the wiggle of anchor point, not the one of position or orientation.


      Thanks in advance!



      PS: and it's when I'm posting online I see the awful name of my layer "Camera Wiggke"