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    Blurry images




      I got problem with imported images , no matter what kind of image i i am importing (jpeg, png) it looks blurry :/ I disabled "allow smoothing" and set the quality to "looseless"  but problem still remains.

      That situation only exists in Canvas (HTML5) in equal import and publish to SWF images are sharp like a knife. Please help

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          We just went through something similar and discovered that all of the images I placed were at x: .5 which is an automatic shift in AnimateCC. We fixed it by making sure all images were set at whole number or in our case x: 0 in the properties panel. Setting images to 'cache as bitmap' instead of 'original no change' in the properties panel also seemed to help in some cases.

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            ClayUUID Adobe Community Professional

            If you type "blurry" in to the filter by text box at the top of these forums, you will find many threads discussing this issue and many possible solutions.

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