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    Why is my Master Page overwriting my CSS styles?

    SarahDriskillStewart Level 1

      I have just upgraded my TCS from 4.0 to Release 2015. In the process of updating my team's templates, I've discovered an issue that I've not run into before.


      We have a custom CSS. We single-source our FM manuals into RH, and the custom CSS helps keep our topics formatted as we like them. When applying the custom CSS in RH, everything looks and works like a charm.


      We also have a custom master page that inserts a header bar and footer bar on each page. I've gone into the Master Page file's Properties, and applied the custom CSS to that Master Page.


      However, when I apply the Master Page in the Topic list, the format of the body looks different than it did when just the CSS was applied (when no Master Page is applied). I've included two screen shots - one of just the CSS applied, and the other with the Master Page applied.


      I've tried applying both the CSS and Master Page through the General and Appearance tabs of the properties dialog, but I still get the same issue. I've also checked out the HTML view, and the correct CSS file is linked in the head.


      Why aren't these two things talking to each other?