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    Is it possible to make an editable PDF from InDesign that is not a form?

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      We do satellite TV installations and I've created channel lists as PDFs that are distributed to our subscribing clients.


      Our field technician has requested that I make these PDFs editable from Acrobat so he can change them as needed and print new copies wherever he may be in the field.


      Personally, I think this is a really bad idea, because In my opinion, it increases the possibilities for mistakes, misprints and typos. Also, he's not a graphic designer and really isn't all that computer literate, so there is also a strong possibility he may mess up the layout itself, like creating overflow text that won't show when he prints.


      But I got no response when I tried to address my concerns, so I tried to go ahead and work on it. I figured the problems will become apparent to everyone eventually anyway.


      So I thought I might be able to export the document from InDesign as an interactive PDF with all the text boxes as text fields.

      When I exported it, it was obvious that was a bad idea because all my text just disappeared and all my text boxes were just empty text fields.

      I need for my text to still be there, but just be editable from within Acrobat (he says he has the full version of Acrobat, or "Adobe" as he calls it).

      Is that even possible?


      Or maybe it would be better to export to PDF and then convert the PDF to Word?