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    cf throws "RECRUITER is undefined in URL" error yet then reports query string =type=byrecruiter&recruiter=271 

    happysailingdude Level 1
      hi guys

      i keep getting this error (when certain spiders crawl my site)

      Diagnostics Element RECRUITER is undefined in URL. <br>The error occurred on line 123.
      Message Element RECRUITER is undefined in URL.
      QueryString type=byrecruiter&amp;recruiter=271

      i dont get it

      the error says url.recruiter isnt defined then clearly reports that the querystring contains that very variable??

      the only thing that i can imagine is that if the query string was "type=byrecruiter&recruiter=271" instead of "type=byrecruiter&amp;recruiter=271" (ie. '&' not '&amp;') then presumably there'd be no way that could throw an error

      personally when i code urls into links etc i use '&' not &amp; but i *think* the spiders that are generating the errors must be changing & into &amp; (which doesnt seem unreasonable to me if they want to do that) yet this seems to be throwing cf off

      any thoughts would be very gratefully received - thanks guys