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    How to access "Portfolio" TypeKit plan that is included with single-application subscription?




      Several individuals within my company have "Creative Cloud for teams" subscriptions. I am one such individual.


      We have a need to license "Myriad Pro" for web use, but I'm struggling to understand what, exactly, needs to happen in order for me to gain access to a font file that can be made suitable for the Web. It's not clear whether I need to use a tool like http://www.fontsquirrel.com/ once I license and sync the font, or whether Adobe will provide the font in a format that obviates the need to use a tool like the aforementioned.


      Currently, when I log-in with my Adobe ID and browse to Myriad Pro | Typekit , only 1 of the 11 available type-faces is accessible to me.


      Based on my specific needs, a "Portfolio" plan seems adequate. I notice at that "A Portfolio plan is included with Creative Cloud All Apps and most single-application subscriptions."


      My company maintains dozens of single-application subscriptions, although, none of those subscriptions is currently assigned to me.


      What, exactly, does my company need to do in order to license this font? Does someone to whom a single-application license (other than Adobe Acrobat) is assigned simply need to log into his/her Adobe account and create the association?


      I find this all terribly confusing. Any assistance in this regard would be hugely appreciated.


      Thanks in advance!