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    Are there CS6 and CC conflicts?

    Cine Real Level 1

      I currently have CS6 and am very happy with it. Essentially, at the time of purchase, I was not interested in renting my software and choose CS6 instead. However, I have been looking with interest at the features in CC and have considered trying them out. I have received two completely conflicting views from friends. The first was a warning that if I installed and tried the CC versions, they would wipe out or at least interfere with my current CS6 suite. Others have said that they had heard that this was not correct. In as much at these were completely separate programs (apples and oranges), one would not interfere with the other. I could edit with the CC version in the morning and the CS6 version in the afternoon. There will never be a conflict. This makes me very nervous. I asked that question of Adobe's sales staff and they said that they simply did not know. I need to be assured that my CS6  package and a new CC version will not cause conflict with each other. Without that assurance, I will stick with my CS6 with which I am satisfied.