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    New LR Uploads end up in a "duplicate" external hard drive Folder


      Hi all,


      I am having some difficulties with uploading new pictures to LR. I am using an EHD labelled "Pictures" to store all of the pictures that I take. Today, when I uploaded my new pictures, I saw that LR showed all of these newly uploaded pictures on a separate version of the same EHD in the left panel under the Library module. I was not able to view the newly uploaded pictures through the old EHD Folder, but needed to access these photos through the newly created EHD Folder. When I checked the EHD itself, all of the new pictures were there.

      Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 13.58.59.png

      As you can see from the screenshot, there are two "Pictures" EHD's listed on the left hand side. The newly added pictures are only viewable through the top "Pictures" Folder but when I check the EHD itself, all of the newly added pictures are there.I have also tried to drag and drop the pictures from the top "Pictures" Folder to the respective bottom "Pictures" folder but I get an error message saying that these pictures are already in the folder (which is true on the EHD, but not on LR).


      This issue has only arisen since I migrated my LR operation from a PC to my Macbook. Any help with this is greatly appreciated.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          It appears you have encountered the bug that creates the 'duplicate' folders. Here are notes I have gathered from others with a similar problem and a fix that should work for you. Give it a try with the "Random" folders as it seems they are the duplicates.

          I would suggest you backup your catalog before-hand.



          Problem description:

          After importing new photos Lightroom shows them to be in a new directory tree, with the same name as the original intended/target directory tree - except the name of the directory is all in CAPITALS. (Some people report duplicates without capitals!).

          Lightroom shows two directories with the same contents. Note that no new directory is actually created, LR just thinks there is two (you can check with "show in Finder"). So, even though it appears there are duplicate directories and files, in reality they are all correctly located in the one original directory. LR is simply confused.


          Solution to get rid of duplicate directories: (let’s call then “capitals” and “lowercase”)


          1. In Lightroom:  Update the ‘capitals’ folder location to correct ‘lowercase’ folder (right-click on the ‘capitals’ folder, then choose "update folder location")

          Lightroom will ask if OK to merge the two - say yes.

          Everything now appears to be OK, except that with any new import the ‘capitals’ duplicate folder will reappear, so continue-


          2. In Explorer/Finder:  Create a new folder with a different name (at the same level of the directory hierarchy as the problematic folders).


          3. In Explorer/Finder:  Move all contents of the problematic folder to the new folder, delete the problematic folder.


          4.  In Lightroom:   LR now cannot find the old folder, it will show with a ‘?’ , so reconnect the photo library to the new folder ("update folder location", as above)


            5.  In Lightroom:   Rename the new folder as it was originally, or accept the new name as permanent.

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            jannikh99848716 Level 1



            You're a godsend. Just went through the steps, everything worked as described. Thanks a lot!