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    I want to edit an existing PDF file (delete text).


      Which Adobe product is the most economical to accomplish this task?  I have recently signed up for a trail of ADOBE DC.  And I find it clumsy and in effective to accomplish my simple task.



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          CtDave Level 5

          As PDF is decidedly not a word processor file format any application used to "edit" PDF page content as if in a word processor is problematic.

          If one has to do edits it is always best to do so in the authoring file and then output a fresh PDF.

          If this is not possible the 2nd best choice is to export the PDF page content (use Acrobat Pro or the online subscription service  Adobe provides.).

          DO expect to do post-export cleanup. Once cleanup and edits are done output a fresh PDF.

          3rd choice - Use Acrobat Pro to touchup the PDF page content. Do not expect this to be akin to a word processor "edit" session.



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