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    RH11 Webhelp full text search issue

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      I've been building a large project for several months. About a year ago we upgraded from RH9 to RH11 with no issues. We just discovered that there are now issues with the full text search. Investigation shows that anything loaded prior to about a month ago comes up in the search, but anything loaded after that does not come up. I've checked the whxdata folder in the published files and found that the packagexx_xml.js files are all dated February 3, 2016 even though this has been published since then. Should I delete the whxdata files and let them recreate? If I look in the project files there are no package files and if I open index.htm and do a search I get "null" for everything. Do I understand that these package files hold the text search information? Obviously something has gone haywire. Might I be having JavaScript issues? Any suggestions?

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          Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Hi there


          Indeed that's what I would try.


          You aren't finding the files among the project files because those are created during all the generation activity.


          Cheers... Rick

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            Thanks Rick. I wanted someone else to give a "nod" to my thought of deleting the whxdata folder. I did those folder (after backing up), compiled again and now my search results for everything results with "null". There are also no package files in this folder.


            I've read about this issue before. What specifically should I be looking for that might create this problem?



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              After much digging and checking I have finally solved the problem. First know that I updated Java, I installed the new MSXML Service Packs. I had uninstalled and reinstalled RH 11. None of these actions made any difference. I decided to go back to basic troubleshooting. I went back the what files changed on Feb 3 which was the last day the "package" files updated. I had uploaded two new PDF baggage files. I uninstalled both and compiled the project. Success - the "package" files updated and the search function was restored. I installed each PDF file individually and compiled after each and discovered which one was the offender. I still don't know why this particular PDF file was causing any issues. There is no security features enabled on the document - however it is 35 pages of very detailed drawings. In any case - the issue is resolved and in the end was just the PDF file causing issues.

              Thanks again for the response Rick.