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    Corrupting PDF Files [Android]


      Hello All,

      I have an odd issue with adobe reader and Lollipop using the below hardware;

      Samsung Tab S

      LOLLIPOP 5.0.2

      Adobe 15.3.1 Build 133273

      File with issues: Fill-able PDF Form


      My issue is: I will open the PDF File, I then edit the file as i need. Then tap the share button. After this, i choose the built in Email application bundled with Android. Now If I tap the Attachment within the email application(in the compose view). Adobe opens the file, but when i go back to see the files in "My Files", I have two of the same files duplicated(same exact filenames). If i preform this step 3 times, it starts to corrupt the files. Is this a known issue?
      I am unable to create this same issue using Xodo pdf editor/reader preforming the same steps.


      If anyone might be able to assist that would be amazing.