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    Lightroom doesn't recognize camera for import { Duplicate thread : Locked }


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      Lightroom doesn't recognize camera when I want to import.


      I said, "Lightroom doesn't recognize camera when I want to import. The Apple Photo app sees the camera fine so it is a Lightroom problem. Mac OSX 10.11.3, Lightroom 3 Canon EOS 50D (Has imported thousands of photos to this system before)".


      Adobe staff replied but I haven't had a respose to my queries after their reply

      I was directed to:


      You can try and reset the Lightroom preferences back to default.

      The preferences file is the "com.adobe.Lightroom3.plist" file, located in [user name]/Library/Preferences, rename the file to "com.adobe.Lightroom3.plist.old"

      Restart Lightroom and try using your camera with it.

      Let us know if that helps.

      I didn't find the file in question, although I did find .plist files fr other Adobe apps.  I looked at backups dating before the upgrade to El Capitan, and the file was not present then either.

      Today I updated my camera firmware to the latest version, compatible with Mac OS 10.11

      What else can I try so I can import my photos to Lghtroom?