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    Scheduled Task gets 403 error - Windows 2003 CF9

    Libby H

      My test server is Windows 2003, IIS 6 and CF9.0.2 with SQL Server 2008.

      About 3 months ago, I got some pushback from security about the ownership of the directory I had installed CF on.  So I had to change the ownership of the drive.  Not a big deal.

      About 4 weeks ago, I started receiving a "Error while executing task 403 Forbidden" in the scheduler.log file every time I ran a job via the scheduler.  So, I figured it had something to do with my recent change in ownership.  I uninstalled and re-installed CF9.  Still getting the same problem.  Not a big deal I figure just a test server and I an due to upgrade in March, production is on Windows 2008, will upgrade to Windows 2012, CF11, etc. . . . . .


      Come today and I have a production problem and I need to run a test file via scheduler.  I forgot that the scheduler is throwing "Error while executing task 403 Forbidden" when any job is running.  I go out to search the Windows logs, and low and behold, security had expired the passwords on the IUSER_machinename and IWAM_machinename accounts!  So, I have gone ahead and changed the passwords on these accounts, but still am receiving the "Error while executing task 403 Forbidden" error.  Any suggestions?  Permissions had not changed after I re-installed CF.




      Libby H