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    Flash Lite 2.0 targeting problem

      I´m using Flash CS4, and doing some tests with a Flash Lite 2.0 file for mobile standalone player. I can't use a newer version.

      I have a movieclip in main timeline, named "panel" (instance name), with many frames inside. And I have a frame function like this:

      function changeFrame() {

      I also have in my main timeline the following code:

      var keysListener = new Object();
      keysListener.onKeyDown = function() {
      var code = Key.getCode();
      if (code == ExtendedKey.SOFT1) {

      When running my file on emulator, I got the trace working, but the problem is that my target path doesn't seem to work, and this is happening just with global functions like gotoAndPlay and nextFrame. I know this looks like a primitive problem, but I'm assured that the movieclip instance name "panel" is correct and it have more than one frame inside.

      Anyone possibly knows what is happening? Thanks