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    Import wasn't working/uninstalled+ reinstalled Lightroom 6CC, the updated software came back with lightroom 5 template


      I've been using Lightroom CC6 for a while, with no major problems. All of a sudden, it wasn't able to import any pictures - the import box grayed out. It was not an issue with the disc space. I wasn't able to close the Lr, unless I force quit. On re-opening, occasionally, the import box would look like it would work, but once activated, it would take me to the import page which appeared to be scattered, see-through , unresponsive and unable to see my memory card. Stuck on this page. Again, I'd have to force quit to move on. On re-opening I'd try the "Develop" module and some would partially function and some would be unresponsive.

      I uninstalled Lr. After re-installing, the light room's page set up would look like my previous Lr5. It's odd - like I went back in time. The new "de-haze" slider is part of that old/new Lr interface. It's confusing, because I got used to operating the latest Lr CC6 and after re-installing I'm back to the previous Lr (?). I did install a few paid pre-sets recently. So really, I've got more than just one issue; many problems with this Lr. I missed a few business opportunities because I'm unable to process my pictures. Please! Any ideas where to start?