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    Using external text to load an image in Flash

    Bum McFluff
      I am using dynamic text to show updatable text so that I can A: change the text without having to upload the entire flash project and B: keep the file size down. On a given page, the following actionscript: loadVariablesNum("items/documents/document.txt", 0); loads the text into the text box. This works fine. What I want to do is to be able to embed some actionscript into the text document so that I can click on a given word and load either a jpeg or a swf. I can embed: <a href="items/documents/document/image.jpg">click here </a> and upon clicking the words "click here" it loads the image into a browser window, but I don't want that. I want it to load into a movieclip in my project so I can place it exactly where I want it. Is there any actionscript which can do this? I know I can simply put a button into Flash which will do this, loadMovie("Items/documents/document/image.jpg", "/clip"); but I want to keep the file size down to a minimum. Is this possible?