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    20 Flash Panel Extension Limit

    StrongBeaver Level 3

      Hi, whether creating prototype scripts or installing a HTML Photoshop Script for PsCC-2015.1.2 since I have over twenty extensions for which I use installed; I get the error that there is a 20 flash panel extension limit and I can't install anymore ? I've tried changing autovisible in the manifest file from "true" to "false", that was unsuccessful.


      I'm at a loss, don't tell me no one has 20 extensions installed and I'm the only one experiencing this problem


      If so I can't install any other extension when working in Photoshop.


      The only time a new extension works is when Photoshop loads; and in the recent version there is a open files panel, anyone with 2015.1.2 knows what I'm talking about, and there I don't see any of my other extensions, but I do see the newest extension installed, when I open a file from 2015.1.2 open file dialog and the other extensions load, the latest extension for which I installed, fires the 20 Flash Panel Extension limit, when I try to run it from Windows > Extension