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    Flash Player install goof up


      It was late...I accidentally installed the latest version of Flash Player for a mac on my pc :/ Thus, the flash player is not working for a download I need. I tried installing windows version, but it says I already have latest version. I tried to uninstall mac version, but it wouldn't uninstall. I tried system restore, but my pc ran into problems. I undid system restore, but now I'm back where I was. I need the windows version of flash player not the mac. Any suggestions?

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          jeromiec83223024 Adobe Employee

          The Mac version wouldn't install on Windows, so something else is going on.  Most applications that use Flash Player do so by embedding an Internet Explorer window into the program.  If you installed Flash in another browser, that wouldn't help.  Using IE, go to our download page: http://get.adobe.com/flashplayer and run the installation. 


          If you're on Windows 8 and you're using an old application, it may not work anymore.  Flash Player is built directly into Internet Explorer on Windows 8 and higher, but the application is expecting things to be the way they were on Windows 7 and below.  There's not really a way to get around that.


          To give you any useful advice, I'm going to need to know more about your computer and browser:


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            jennifers36682897 Level 1

            Yes, thank-you for clarifying. I'm not sure what happened. I had clicked on the mac download for flash player ppapi and tried to download what I needed, but a message came that I hadn't installed flash player. I went to install flash player again, but an error msg appeared so I went to the control panel and found that I had downloaded the wrong flash player. I tried to uninstall, but it wouldn't uninstall bc of chrome so I did a system restore and my computer gave me an unhappy face. I undid the system restore and everything was back to normal.  I tried system restore again and it all worked fine and I downloaded the correct flash player and all is well.