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    dynamic link not working with Maxon 4d

    Brique Level 1

      chiller screenshot.jpg


      Ok, here's my problem.  When I made the object originally and dragged it down to the new comp icon, it imported just fine.  However, it won't update any changes made, to the extent that reimporting, completely closing and restarting both AE and Maxon, and even creating a new, completely blank AE project and importing it into that, nothing works...


      As you can see in the thumbnail in the upper left, the object should be teal, however, the color is not making it through into the composition.  Any ideas on what I could be doing wrong here or ways to get this to work?  I purged cache, memory and preferences, I can't think of anything else to do.  I have a similar problem with dynamic link between AE and Premiere as well.  Never resolved it, only found a workaround for that that doesn't work in this instance.


      Also, there is a possibility that there's a simple setting here that I'm missing but I can't figure what it is.  I will say that I'm still a total noob at AE and this is my first time using maxon.


      Any thoughts would be HUGELY appreciated. 


      Thank you all so much!