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    Support Issue

    smeedee Level 3

      I have been using Adobe Muse and Adobe Edge Animate for quite some time and am in the middle of a project at the moment using both these products.


      I was a full cloud member but I was only using Muse and Edge Animate, so I decided to save some cash and subscribe to only the two products. Mistake!!!!


      I contacted support via Chat and they were very good. I explained my needs and the support person said that I must cancel my full membership and go to single app only for Muse

      and start again with edge a another single App.


      Ok, say I, go ahead. Mistake!!


      He/She updated my membership etc.


      I launched Adobe Edge a few minutes later and was told to renew my subscription to use the product.


      I selected the tag and was taken to the appropriate Adobe pages.




      I have it on my machine. I want to pay money to use it. How do I do that??


      Sheesh! Why didn't he/she tell me that to change my subscription would LOSE a product!!!


      Very Upset