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    Adobe Animate importing video and then publishing swf


      I am a teacher and have been using Flash Pro to develop Multimedia products however in the latest release of Flash Pro (2015) and in Animate I have the following problem.


      I could, in previous versions, import a standard video, convert it to to F4V/FLV and then create a multimedia product and eventually export the publication to an SWF and was able to view the video as and when required. With the new versions of Flash Pro/Animate/Media encoder there is no way of converting to f4v/flv.


      When I import an H264 video, embed this then try and publish it. I get the following error

      "WARNING: This movie uses features that are not supported in the Flash Player 20 player

      Symbol=MVI_1575.mp4, layer=Layer 1, frame=1:WARNING: H.264 video will not be published."


      I really do not understand why this is a problem, I understand the F4V/FLV is not supported in AME but Animate/Flash Pro does not appropriately export the file to show the video.


      Someone please help