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    Premier elemnents 14: Video Capture with Microsoft Lifecam Studio - Is anyone else having problems?


      I've been trying to capture video and audio with a Microsoft LifeCam Studio Webcam in combination with a Focusrite USB interface using a Sonitronics mic, (the external mic is an attempt to get better sound quality in the video). I can't get it to run properly. The audio input in the capture screen menu keeps defaulting to the LifeCam mic. At first I thought the problem was perhaps with the Focusrite interface since the LifeCam works (at least to some extent) on its own with it's integral mic, but now I'm thinking the problem is the webcam interface. Is anyone else having problems with webcam capture using an external alternative mic. Even better is there anyone out there successfully using a Microsoft LifeCam Studio webcam to capture video and then successfully rendering it in premier elements for export? 

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          Steve Grisetti Adobe Community Professional

          It can be confusing to start a second thread with the same topic, Ged. But, since you're asking "has anyone done this?' rather than asking how to do it, as in your other thread, I'll keep this one running parallel.


          But anyone making suggestions to this thread should first reference Ged's primary discussion.

          How do I use Scarlett usb with adobe premier elements


          I've warned him that Premiere Elements is probably not the best tool for this process, and that a webcam isn't the best tool for recording a live music performance -- but if anyone has been able to do this, we're both eager to know how it's done.

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            GednotJed Level 1

            I don't think this is the same topic but I agree it is similar and related. I think the solution lies in which webcams are properly supported in APE. I'm aware that the number of supported webcams has just been updated in the last few days. When I first download APE a few days ago my LifeCam Studio was not supported and hence not detected at all; then subsequently after the update my webcam was mistaken for a Sony webcam (a Sony name appeared in video capture menu box), the record function worked briefly then crashed. More latterly the name LifeCam Studio now appears in video capture menu as it should and the webcam record function is working after a fashion (with its integral mic. However the sound is not in synchronisation with the video in playback or edit.


            If I try and switch to an alternative audio recording source (i.e. my Scarlett 2i2 USB), the video capture drop down accepts the alternative choice, however when you go into preferences from the edit menu and check the boxes for the alternative source being Scarlett 2i2 USB, having set it up one is unable to exit the preferences menus and the system locks up and crashes.


            The fact that you can record audio separately via voice narration in a separate audio file suggests to me the main issue is with the webcam interface and choice of audio function.


            I'm interested to know if anyone out there is successfully capturing video in windows 10 via a webcam and to know also what the list of supported devices is for APE....that would be a great start to solving this issue.


            Thanks in anticipation to all who may help.