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    workflow question (color grading)

    djmattyz Level 1

      im fairly new to lightroom,  but i really like it


      im using it to batch edit nightclub photos which i take on the weekends,  240 photos each week.


      im using lightroom to batch edit nightclub photos , i color correct them and apply a logo and resize

      however there is an color grade that i like to apply to the photos, the only way i know to do this is  using the curves plugin on photoshop

      the problem is i edit large quantities of photos and having to put them over into photoshop is counter intuitive


      is there some way i can do all this in one step?  for example, do it all in lightroom by somehow importing or imitating the effect i applied in photoshop


      the grade i apply basically is just rising the blue shadows and taking blue out of the midrange to keep the warm skintones, all while keeping the blacks, black



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          Jao vdL Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Check out the Tone Curve panel in Develop. It has RGB curves that you should be able to get this effect with. If you don't see the RGB option, click on the tiny curves icon to the bottom right of the panel until you see the RGB option next to channel and then you can select Blue from there.

          blue curve.png