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    Flash CC file corrupt, Cannot load scene into memory


      Hello, I've hit a problem with a Flash CC document I've been working on.


      I had just converted a shape to a Movie Clip symbol and was adding an Outer Glow filter to it when Flash crashed, throwing up 2 errors that I didn't read. I wasn't too worried at the time because I had just saved my file before creating the Movie Clip symbol.


      However after re-loading the file only 2 of the 10 scene's I had are there, the rest aren't listed an the Cannot load scene into memory error appears in the output box.


      The symbol I was working on was in Scene 3 and only Scene 1 & 2 appear.


      I've followed the .rar and repair archive thing and it made no difference the same error returns.


      Can anyone help?


      Thanks, Ian


      Edit: On examining the DOMDocument.xml file it appears after the elements regarding my last edited symbol there is no further XML code for the rest of my file.